A Cat of a Different Color
  • Published:
    Jun-2000 (Hardcover)
    Jul-2001 (Paperback)
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An amazing cat and a clever young girl help save their troubled village in this rollicking, humor-filled tale.

A remarkable cat was once born in the little town of Felicity-by-the-Lake, a cat with fur that seemed to shift color in the slightest breeze. His name was Ulwazzer, and he was a wanderer; he spent months at a time roaming the world. Sooner or later, though, he always returned to the beautiful place where he'd first opened his eyes.

But on one visit, Ulwazzer found that his village had changed. A gloomy silence hung over the houses. The lake was empty of swimmers, and there was no giggling crowd at the ice cream shop. Instead, there was a greedy new mayor named Hoytie who was in the process of claiming every town pleasure for himself and his family.

Could clever Ulwazzer find a way to save the town? Would the help of a kind girl named Daria and a team of angry waterfowl be enough to defeat the mayor? All the cat knew was that he had to try.
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