A Breath of Scandal
Susanna Randall thought she knew everything there was to know about Edward Sutton the Earl of Langham, when she wed him. First, he was marrying for the fortune that her wealthy father pledged to him. Secondly, his devotion long had been claimed by the beautiful and aristocratic Julia Murray. But Susanna did not suspect the power that Langham had to stir her passion. Or the pain he could cause when he left her alone in a great London mansion. Now, she had a chance to end her ill-starred marriage. And she had an offer from the honorable and trustworthy Colonel Percy Fordyce to become his beloved wife. It should have been so easy to leave a man unworthy of her love for one who so deserved it. If only her foolish heart were not making it so hard....

Hero: Edward Sutton, Earl of Langham
Heroine: Susanna Randall

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