A Boy I Used to Love
They agreed to meet again in 10 years...

 Lacey wasn't the one that got away - she was the one I let go. 
The one I made a promise to see and to love again. 
And each year on the same day I bring a ring to our spot and wait. 
And each year Lacey never shows. 
I tell myself this year is the last year... I need to move on, move forward, and let her go for good...

 I've avoided that one day each year, knowing what it could mean for me. 
I was young when I fell for River, and I was ripped away from him. 
Now it's ten years later and I've lost everything important in my life. 
I have nothing left to lose... or so I think. 
The second I see River it all comes crashing back. 
The truth why it never worked the first time...
And why it can never work this time.

Welcome to world ofSt. Skin... a series of novels that are all based around the same town and thesame tattoo shop. They do not need to be read in any order. Listed below is theorder based date of release:
  • In Her Words
  • A Boy I Used to Love
  • Secret Exposure
  • Our Last Road
  • Nothing Lasts Forever

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    • May-2019
    • Brilliance Audio
    • MP3 CD
    • ISBN: 1978688857
    • ISBN13: 9781978688858


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