1634: The Ram Rebellion
  • Published:
    May-2006 (Hardcover)
    Nov-2007 (Paperback)
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    Print / eBook / Audio
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    Science Fiction
  • Time Period:
    17th Century
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The Thirty Years War continues to ravage 17th century Europe, but a new force is gathering power and influence: The Confederated Principalities of Europe, an alliance between the King of Sweden, and the town of Grantville, West Virginia from the 20th century, which was hurled centuries into the past by a mysterious cosmic accident.

In Franconia, whose peasants had revolted several times even before the arrival of the West Virginians from the future, the living example of American freedom and justice has inspired the rise of an independent revolutionary movement, flying a banner with the head of a ram.

The West Virginians fully approve of liberating the peasants from the nobility, but they are also aware of how revolutionary movements can lead to bloodbaths. And avoiding that deadly possibility will require all of their future knowledge plus plain old American horse-trading diplomacy. . . .
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    • Dec-2007
    • Baen
    • Mass Market Paperback
    • ISBN: 1416573828
    • ISBN13: 9781416573821
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    • Apr-2006
    • Baen
    • Hardcover
    • ISBN: 1416520600
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    • ISBN: 1490647414
    • ISBN13: 9781490647418
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    • Baen Publishing Enterprises
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    • ISBN: 1618245279
    • ISBN13: 9781618245274

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