Interview With the Vampire
  • Length:
    13 Books
  • First:
    May 1976
  • Latest:
    October 2018
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Order Book Genre Date Rating
1 Horror / HORR 4.5 Buy
2 Horror / HORR 4.5 Buy
3 Horror / HORR 4.5 Buy
4 Horror / HORR 4.5 Buy
5 Horror / HORR 4.5 Buy
6 Horror / HORR 4.5 Buy
7 Horror / HORR 4.5 Buy
8 Horror / HORR 4.5 Buy
9 Horror / HORR 4 Buy

10 Horror / HORR 4.5 Buy
11 Horror / HORR 4.5 Buy
12 Thriller / T 4 Buy
13 Thriller / T 5 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: The Vampire Chronicles

  • Book - 1

    THE VAMPIRE SPEAKS... of his first two hundred years...of his dark journey in an undying life...of his unnatural, erotic alliance with the beautiful Claudia, whose passions were locked forever in the body of a child... Divorced from human nature...

  • Book - 2

    Lestat. The vampire hero of Anne Rice's enthralling new novel is a creature of the darkest and richest imagination. Once an aristocrat in the heady days of pre-revolutionary France, now a rock star in the demonic, shimmering 1980s, he rushes through ...

  • Book - 3

    A feat of mesmeric storytelling, a chilling entertainment, THE QUEEN OF THE DAMNED unleashes Akasha, the Queen herself, who has risen from a six-thousand-year sleep to let loose the powers of the night. Akasha has a marvelously devious plan to "save"...

  • Book - 4

    For centuries, Lestat--vampire-hero, enchanter, seducer of mortals--has been a courted prince in the dark and flourishing universe of the living dead. Now Lestat is alone. And suddenly all his vampire rationale--everything he has come to believe and ...

  • Book - 5

    "STARTLING . . . FIENDISH . . . MEMNOCH'S TALE IS COMPELLING."--New York Daily News"Like Interview with the Vampire, Memnoch has a half-maddened, fever-pitch intensity. . . . Narrated by Rice's most cherished character, the vampire Lestat, Memnoch te...

  • Book - 6

    See the difference, read #1 bestselling author Anne Rice in Large Print* About Large PrintAll Random House Large Print editions are published in a 16-point typefaceIn the latest installment of The Vampire Chronicles, Anne Rice summons up dazzling wor...

  • Book - 7

    In this mesmerizing new novel, Anne Rice demonstrates once again her gift for spellbinding storytelling and the creation of myth and magic, as she weaves together two of her most compelling worlds--those of the Vampire Chronicles and the Mayfair Witc...

  • Book - 8

    Once a proud Senator in Imperial Rome, Marius is kidnapped and forced into that dark realm of blood, where he is made a protector of the Queen and King of the vampires--in whom the core of the supernatural race resides. Through his eyes we see the fa...

  • Book - 9

    Welcome to Blackwood Farm: soaring white columns, spacious dining rooms, sun-drenched gardens, and a dark strip of the dense Sugar Devil Swamp. This is the world of Quinn Blackwood, a brilliant young man haunted since birth by a mysterious doppelgang...

  • Book - 10

    Fiery, fierce, and erotic, Blood Canticle marks the triumphant culmination of Anne Rice’s bestselling Vampire Chronicles, as Lestat tells his astounding tale of the pleasures and tortures that lie between death’s shadow and immortality. . . .Surr...

  • Book - 11

    THE VAMPIRE WORLD IS IN CRISIS... Old vampires, roused from deep slumber in the earth, are doing the bidding of a Voice commanding that they indiscriminately burn their kin in cities across the globe, from Paris to Mumbai, Hong Kong to San Francisc...

  • Book - 12

    From Anne Rice, conjurer of the beloved best sellers Interview with the Vampire and Prince Lestat, an ambitious and exhilarating new novel of utopian vision and power "In my dreams, I saw a city fall into the sea. I heard the cries of thousands. ...

  • Book - 13

    The Vampire Chronicles continue with a riveting, rich saga--part adventure, part suspense--of Prince Lestat and the story of the Blood Communion as he tells the tale of his coming to rule the vampire world and the eternal struggle to find belonging, ...


Prince Lestat
2014 Goodreads Choice Award -- Horror