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    7 Books
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    November 1988
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Book Descriptions for series: The Scarlet Riders

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    Book - 1

    • / Historical
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    Book - 2

    A power-hungry schemer in the U.S. hired an army of bloodthirsty outlaws to massacre the Mounties at Fort Walsh. That was his first step in a cunning conspiracy to grab the huge Northwest Territory from Canada. It was a perfect plan that took everyth...

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    Book - 3

    Fresh from slaughtering Custer and his men at Little Big Horn, the bloodthirsty Sioux cross the border into Canada. But Cavannagh is hard on their trail, seeking the renegade chief who has launched a vicious mission of vengeance. With death on all si...

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    Book - 4

    There were riches to be found beneath the thick pine forests that cloaked the tall mountains and deep valleys of the Northwest Territory, and no one knew it better than the manager of the Pacific and Western Coal Company, Refflon Lasher. When Lasher'...

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    Book - 5

  • Book - 6

  • Book - 7

    A deadly game draws to a close as the living dead girl Christabella must escape from her greatest enemies and put herself in the path of malevolent beings that are neither angels nor demons, but something worse... if she is to stop them from putting ...