Heartbreak Me
  • Length:
    2 Books
  • First:
    July 2020
  • Latest:
    August 2020

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1 (e) Romantic Suspense / RS 0 Buy
2 Romantic Suspense / RS 0 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: The Heartbreak Duet

  • Book - 1

    He kidnapped me.That was how I met Atlas Hyde.A man known by many names and admired by all.But most didn't know he was ruthless, conniving, and always got what he wanted.No matter the cost. I was a good girl.Never in trouble with the law.Never t...

  • Book - 2

    Our story didn't exist, it was broken before it began.Kisses were covered with lies.Lies were covered with kisses.Hate turned into lust.And lust turned into fantasy.That's what we were, a fantasy.Nothing more, nothing less.Now it's time to move on. B...