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    The Cold War is at its height.And Boysie Oakes is back in another terrifying adventure. The reluctant assassin has been sent to Berlin to make a kill 'in the cold' on the other side of the Wall.Trying to remember his own code-name, he is soon battlin...

  • Book - 5

    Deep in the heart of London a secret meeting is taking place. Drastic plans are being put into action. But Boysie Oakes, the suave, womanising special agent for British Intelligence, is unaware of the events unfolding around him - and is revelling in...

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    Nobody escapes the past--and Boysie Oakes knows all too well that he is no exception. So when the wily Moslyn, his former boss in the Department employs him once again, it is with sinking heart and fluttering stomach that Boysie is forced to retur...