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Book Descriptions for series: Predator

  • Nathan Archer

    When a Predator ship crashes in a frozen Russian wasteland, NYPD detective Shaefer reluctantly follows his orders to investigate, but upon his arrival a fiesty Russian female warrior challenges him to a deadly battle to claim the ship and its technol...

  • Scott Tolson; Jason R. Lamb; Various

    Fleener Creek is a sleepy old Oregon town, the kind that makes you think of Andy and Barney and Aunt Bee. But sleepy towns aren't always dreamy. Sometimes sleep brings on nightmares, the kind that begin and end with an eight-foot-tall monster wieldin...

  • Sandy Schofield

    The Slayer and the Slain--A modern Navajo warrior follows the trail of his people's most savage legend come to life.Deep in the rugged New Mexico desert, a strange aircraft has landed. In response, the commander of a nearby army base sends out search...

  • Michael Friedman

    In 1987, the first Predator movie was released, garnering an Oscar, huge audiences and an instantly loyal fan base. Five years later came the first of the best-selling Predator novels. What accounted for the success of the series? It combined seeming...

  • Jeff VanderMeer

    On a remote South China Sea island, a deadly hunt is underway... but not the kind of expedition the participants expected. In this remote, jungle-covered island somewhere between Thailand and Indonesia some of the most exotic animals in the world hav...