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Book Descriptions for series: Payback

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    Book - 1

    The Long Awaited Bane Series.Vengeance IS MIneVIM...Payback SeriesBane, Deke, Sam, Zipper, Cricket and many of the Sin's Bastards make special appearances in this story.JamesThey call me Ghoster for a reason… I flit between the shadows of the ...

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    Book - 2

     The Third Book in The VIM Series Every Sinner has a Past... DamonWhen Levi Silvers met the Savaged Souls, he went down. With some help from some new friends, he and his organization was taken apart brick by brick. And I was offered a ...

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    Book - 3

     I thought I left this world behind me two years ago, but my past won't stay as the past. After I settled an old score, I went back to Troy to collect the woman I want to bear my name, only to find a file left to me by a man who never should hav...