• Length:
    4 Books
  • First:
    August 2001
  • Latest:
    November 2001
  • Rating:

Series List in Order

Order Author Book Genre Date Rating
1 Urban Fantasy / UF 4 Buy
2 Urban Fantasy / UF 4.5 Buy
3 Urban Fantasy / UF 4 Buy
4 Urban Fantasy / UF 4 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Lost Slayer

  • Christopher Golden
    Book - 1

    Buffy Summers' adjustment to life at U.S. Sunnydale has not gone smoothly. She feels awkward, insecure, and a bit jealous that Willow's all over the college life. So when the spirit of deceased Slayer Lucy Hanover appears to Buffy in a dream with new...

  • Christopher Golden
    Book - 2

    Consequences Sunnydale has always been a haven for creatures of the underworld. But when Buffy Summers awakes in a possible future, she is stunned to discover that Southern California has fallen under vampire rule. Buffy learns that her Slayerette...

  • Christopher Golden
    Book - 3

    DOPPELGÄNGLAND Sunnydale. Five years into the future. A bleak, post- apocalyptic future for which the Slayer herself is responsible. Her mother has been killed. Angel is missing and presumed dead. Her friends are different, harder. But that's n...

  • Christopher Golden
    Book - 4

    HOMECOMING Joyce Summers is dead. Spike has been slain and Faith, rogue Slayer, is gone as well. Southern California has fallen under vampire rule. And Rupert Giles is Vampire King. Buffy can hold no one but herself responsible for this grim...