Publish and Perish
  • Length:
    3 Books
  • First:
    January 1975
  • Latest:
    April 1996

Series List in Order

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1 Amateur Sleuth / AS 0 Buy
2 Amateur Sleuth / AS 0 Buy
3 Amateur Sleuth / AS 0 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Loren Mensing

    • / Amateur Sleuth
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    Book - 1

    Is he a legal eagle or a private eye? That's the question Loren Mensing of this taut drama must decide when he begins to probe a case that releases a Pandora's box of horrors. Loren drew up a will for bestselling novelist Graham Dillaway and his equ...

    • / Amateur Sleuth
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    Book - 2

    When Justice Richmond, a highly respected judge dies, his widow is shocked to discover a shoe box in his closet -- containing almost $50,000 in small denomination bills. His widow and colleagues agree that lawyer-detective and former protege of the j...

  • Book - 3

    Here is the latest bone-chilling mystery from the two-time Edgar Award winner. It is before dawn on a Sunday morning. Loren Mensing, visiting profession at New York University School of Law, is awakened by a phone call from a woman who had vanished ...