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Historical / H 4.5 Buy
Historical / H 0 Buy
Historical / H 3 Buy
General Fiction / GF 4 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Holocaust Rememberance

  • Kathy Kacer

    The heroine, Gabi, recounts how as a young Jewish girl she lived on a family farm in Eastern Europe during the Second World War. She describes her community before the Nazi occupation and the events that unfolded afterwards. When the Nazis conducted ...

  • Kathy Kacer

    It is the middle of World War II, and, with the help of trusted friends, Gabi, her mother and her cousin Max go into hiding in a tiny mountain village. It takes great willpower to endure months of fear in their cramped hiding space at the back of a b...

  • Kathy Kacer

    Laura has just three weeks to go before her Jewish “coming of age” ceremony, called a Bat Mitzvah, when she is assigned a special project. She is to read the diary of Sara Gittler, a young girl her own age who was imprisoned by the Nazis in the W...

  • Kathy Clark

    Momma had always told Susan that there was no safe place for a Jew, especially in German occupied Hungary in 1944. Why then were twelve-year-old Susan and her little sister, Vera, being sent to a convent to be kept safe. Susan and her sister soon dis...


The Diary of Laura's Twin
2008 National Jewish Book Award -- Children/Young Adult