Convenient Lies
  • Length:
    4 Books
  • First:
    November 2016
  • Latest:
    January 2018
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Series List in Order

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1 Suspense / S 5 Buy
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3 Thriller / T 5 Buy
4 General Fiction / GF 5 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Hidden Truth

  • Book - 1

    What happens when a woman marries her greatest enemy?When investigative journalist Reagan McAdams discovers her new husband Julien is part of a powerful international crime family, she flees Paris with their newborn, returning to her childhood home i...

  • Book - 2

    “Marisa peered down the stairs, toward the street, at the sidewalk. Her sister and her daughter had been there just a moment before. They should have been staring back up at her, waving, smiling. But they were gone.”--Robin Patchen, award winning...

  • Book - 3

    “A pistol pressed against his son’s temple. A dark hand came into view, then an arm. Then a man came from behind the door and lifted his finger to his lips.”--Robin Patchen, award winning author of Finding Amanda and Convenient Lies. About GEN...

  • Book - 4

    "Kelsey huddled in the corner, tried to make herself invisible. Outside, she heard a muffled voice, a shout, and the pounding of footsteps across the porch. Then, the unmistakable jingle of keys. The lock turned. The door opened. And her last chance ...