Another Woman's Baby
  • Length:
    5 Books
  • First:
    November 2001
  • Latest:
    May 2004
  • Rating:

Series List in Order

Order Book Genre Date Rating
1 Romantic Suspense / RS 4 Buy
2 Romantic Suspense / RS 4 Buy
3 Romantic Suspense / RS 3.5 Buy
4 Romantic Suspense / RS 4 Buy
5 Romantic Suspense / RS 4 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Hidden Passions

  • Book - 1

    HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS...WITH A TALL, DARK, SEXY STRANGER Surrogate mother Megan Lancaster had been prepared for what pregnancy would bring -- only, an FBI hunk stringing lights on her Christmas tree wasn't one of those things! But her life was in ...

  • Book - 2

    SHE HAD TO TRUST HIM WITH HER LIFE... In an attempt to rescue her kin, Kathryn Morland insinuated herself into the dark, mystical underworld of New Orleans -- a world filled with hypnotic voodoo that fronted a society of sex slaves. Posing as a memb...

  • Book - 3

    UNBREAKABLE VOWS A string of murders reunited homicide detective Dallas Mitchell with a woman he'd tried to forget. Years had passed, but the passion was still there. Only, this time it was fraught with danger. Because Nicole Lancaster was a marri...

  • Book - 4

    THE DARKNESS IS SAFER WHEN YOU'RE WITH A COP He might be irritating, and more intimidating than handsome, but rugged, brawny detective Sam Turner wasn't the kind of man a woman could forget. He got in reporter Caroline Kimberly's way at every turn...

  • Book - 5

    HE DISTURBED HER SENSES Her gruff neighbor unsettled Sara Murdoch with his mesmerizing stare. But when escalating threats proved Sara's childhood nightmares were only too real, Nat Sanderson took action. Why a reclusive mountain man knew how to secu...


Attempted Matrimony
2003 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Harlequin Intrigue