Constable on the Hill
  • Length:
    34 Books
  • First Book:
    August 1979
  • Latest Book:
    January 2016
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Heartbeat Series in Order (34 Books)

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Book Descriptions for series: Heartbeat

  • Book - 1

    Reassigned to the North Yorkshire village of Aidensfield, Constable Rhea is struck by the beauty of the area and the eccentricities of its inhabitants, including his colleague-a policeman who does not believe in arresting people...

  • Book - 2

    Nicholas Rhea, the local policeman, settles into his country beat in Aidensfield, getting to know his colleagues. He tells of many offences encountered during his work where villains try to outwit the police and vice versa....

  • Book - 4

    Police Constable Nicholas Rhea continues his enthralling account of rural bobbying on the North Yorkshire Moors and finds himself dealing with a host of intriguing characters who live and work on these spectacular heights. Among the hilarious anec...

  • Book - 5

    To an untrained eye, the villages of rural Yorkshire may seem quiet enough but, as he patrols his beat on foot or on his trusty Francis Barnett motorcycle, young PC Nick is privy to many an unfolding drama. He is on hand to help out when Aidensfield ...

  • Book - 6

    In the fifth book of the "Constable" series, Nicholas Rhea continues his highly popular police stories - this time with a seaside flavour. As a seasonal break from his usual village beat on the North Yorks Moors, young Police Constable Rhea finds him...

    Book - 7

    This is a cheerful and entertaining insight into the daily life of a rural police officer. A book to make you laugh - and cry. Crime comes to Aidensfield when haystacks are fired, and Arnold Merryweather's ancient bus helps catch a car thief. And whe...

  • Book - 8

    As Rhea's beat is modernised, with the replacement of his police bike for a mini-van, Nick gets more than he bargained for as his work draws him into closer contact with villagers, in more ways than one! There are compromising positions aplenty in th...

  • Book - 8.5

    This unique omnibus edition features two of P.C. Nick Rhea’s charming adventures in the Yorkshire village of Aidensfield. Constable Around the Village Nick Rhea is busy settling into his role as a Police Constable in Aidensfield, getting to grips w...

  • Book - 9

    Britain's most popular bobby turns detective! A delightful account of Constable Rhea's foray into the CID, whose initials are said to mean 'Constable in Disguise'. Young Rhea is appointed as an Aide to the CID, an essential part of every constable's ...

  • Book - 10

    Britain's most popular bobby gets back on the beat! In this latest addition to a highly popular series, PC Rhea proves once again that a policeman's lot on the windswept heather-clad moors of North Yorkshire was a very happy one. In this delightful c...

  • Book - 11

    In the splendid countryside of North Yorkshire, there’s barely time to stop for Constable Nick Rhea… Not when missing sheep need locating, stray dogs need homing and thieves need identifying!As Britain’s most popular copper continues his work ...

    Book - 12

    Though they have both opted for careers far from the city smoke, even amidst the rural calm of the North York Moors the lives of PC Nick Rowan and his doctor wife Kate are never less then eventful. Both are continually on call, whether it be from an ...

  • Book - 14

    Tells the story of a small boy who plays truant, a confidence trickster who is tricked into digging up a field and the tale of a coal man who complains of people stealing his coal. The author's previous Constable books inspired the Yorkshire TV progr...

  • Book - 15

    From the TV series, Heartbeat, comes a story of tragedy and humour set in the dramatic landscape of the North York Moors. Featuring PC Nick Rowan, Dr Kate Rowan and the rogue Claude Jeremiah Greengrass, the story ranges from Claude's mysterious grass...

    Book - 16

    Constable Nicholas Rhea very much enjoys the quiet nature of policing such a sleepy, countryside village… Not once has he had a murder or other serious crime on his hands while living and working in Aidensfield, however that doesn’t mean the vil...

    Book - 17

    Nick Rhea is the constable in charge of patrolling Aidensfield: a wonderful idyllic village located in the Yorkshire Moors…Although crime in this area is low, the first suspect for any suspicious activity is Claude Jeremiah Greengrass.Always coasti...

    Book - 18

    For centuries the parish church has been the focal point round which the hubbub of village life circulates. And for police constable Nick Rhea, the village of Aidensfield proves to be no exception.Aidensfield’s churchgoers unite to cause constant ...

    Book - 19

    Rural Yorskhire. Dealing with the local population of this rural village shouldn’t provide too much crime.Yet the days are never boring for Constable Nick…Settled into his family life, he is now a popular resident of Aidensfield.Regularly approa...

    Book - 21

    In the peaceful village of Aidensfield, deep in the North Yorkshire Moors, Constable Nick continues his daily patrol.With mysterious cash popping up from nowhere, a Girl Guide tumbling down a waterfall, and a group of men taking the law into their o...

  • Book - 22

    When it comes to growing prize-winning gooseberries, the village of Aidensfield has always been surpassed by nearby Egton Bridge. As the annual show approaches, the rivalry between the two villages intensifies.'...

  • Book - 23

    There is crime to solve when a smallholder gets his wages stolen, raiders are disturbed on a lonely farm, and garden equipment is being stolen. Constable Nick copes with it all. Part of the Constable series which inspired the largely successful TV...

    Book - 24

    Things are changing at Ashfordly Section police station. The sergeant is retiring and Police Constable Nick Rhea finds himself rising through the ranks, only to realise just how little he really knows about the locals of Aidensfield.Rhea is determine...

  • Book - 25

    With at least 3,000 possible offences, many of a very minor nature, it was a good or a very lucky driver, who survived without breaching one of them.With a new sergeant keeping all the constables around Aidensfield in order, PC Nick is focused on put...

    Book - 28

    As Constable Nick contemplates leaving the village in a bid for promotion, his wife begins her new job and doesn't want to leave their moorland home. Nick's constabulary duties continue, despite his personal dilemma - there is drama when children go ...

  • Book - 30

    Newly qualified for promotion, Constable Nick must continue his duties in Aidensfield while he waits for a vacancy. Once again, strange incidents have to be investigated: why would a man dump financial magazines in a stream? What were the fearsome cr...

  • Book - 35

    When Constable Nick leads a procession of villagers around Aidensfield's parish boundaries as part of an ancient custom, he realizes his work involves practices that have little connection with his constabulary duties. In this collection of tales, he...

  • Book - 35.5

    Whilst serving as an aide to the CID, Detective Constable Rhea is kept busy in the seaside resort of Strensford as he endeavours to trace a stolen garden spade, the thief of a makeshift hearse with a corpse on board, and the phantom knicker-pincher o...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are 34 books in the Heartbeat series.

The Heartbeat series does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Constable on Trial (Book 35.5), was published in January 2016.

The first book in the Heartbeat series, Constable on the Hill, was published in August 1979.

The Heartbeat series primarily falls into the General Fiction genre.
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