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Book Descriptions for series: Harriet the Spy

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    “When I grow up I'm going to find out everything about everybody and put it all in a book.” So writes Harriet M. Welsch, who is determined to grow up to be a famous author. In the meantime, she practices by following a regular spy route each d...

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    JULY 1 Who is leaving those notes all over town? It's some kind of religious fanatic. JULY 6 Watch that new family in town. That Jessie Mae is bats and her twin Norman is fat as a whale. They are up to something. Pay attention. Harriet the Spy refu...

  • Eleven-year-old Sport Rocque is living a happy life, keeping his father's absentmindedness under control, and managing the family budget. When Kate, Sport's new, and nice?stepmother enters the picture, things couldn't be better. Then comes the ne...