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Contemporary Romance / CR 3 Buy
Contemporary Romance / CR 3.5 Buy
Contemporary Romance / CR 4.5 Buy
Contemporary Romance / CR 3 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: Happily Wedded After

  • Mollie Molay

    The groom is always the last to know... Imagine confirmed bachelor Ben Howard's surprise when he opened the morning paper and discovered he was about to marry a total stranger! The explanation: bridal shop owner Melinda Carey had accidentally releas...

  • Neesa Hart

    Million-dollar question: Who gets to marry Max? Enigmatic toy tycoon Max Loden had built a financial empire on that catch phrase. But the world's hottest catch had never been tempted to satisfy anyone's curiosity -- until now.... Least likely answe...

  • Tina Leonard

    Tongues were wagging once more in Lover's Valley, Texas! Bridal store owner Crystal Jennings's shame had once been the talk of the town. The only reason she'd want to lay eyes on the cause of it -- that black-haired, blue-eyed devil, Mitch McStern...

  • Pamela Bauer

    She was pretty as a picture... but that certainly didn't mean Michael McFerrin would marry her! True, Cassie Carrigan had snared his interest, but she was the linchpin in his lovable-but-meddling mother's plan to garner a grandchild. The beautiful...