I'll Be Dammed
  • Length:
    21 Books
  • First Book:
    January 2020
  • Latest Book:
    May 2022
  • Genres:
    Paranormal Romance
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FUC Academy Series in Order (21 Books)

Order Author Book Date Rating
1 5
2 0
3 0
4 5
5 0
6 5
7 5
8 0
10 0

11 5
12 5
13 0
14 0
15 0
16 0
17 0
18 0
19 0
20 0
28 0

Book Descriptions for series: FUC Academy

  • Mandy Rosko
    Book - 1

    Someone shaved his beaver... Waking up without her memory, unable to shift, and sore all over sucked. The big one. Who is she, and who shaved her beaver?! Beverley wants answers but she's having a hard time getting the truth from the barn owl who cl...

  • Renee Hewett
    Book - 2

    On the run in the jungle, Dedra Wakins is in no mood to listen to the sexy man who's trying to take her back up to Canada.Screw safety. Geese fly south for the winter for a reason!But when she learns her gosling might be in danger, no one can stop th...

  • Alexa Gregory
    Book - 3

    This bat likes a good bone…Mila Starling is a forensic anthropologist who studies bones. And as a vampire bat, she loves her steak raw but her Highland cattle shifter detectives hot.The last thing that Mila ever expected was for The Bloody Doc...

  • Jenn Burke
    Book - 4

    Ben Beaufort, badass bisonEveryone who looks at Ben and sees his six-foot-plus, muscular build assumes he's in construction. Or the military. Or something that requires brawn over brains. In truth, he's a mild-mannered human resources professional&md...

  • Lucy Farago
    Book - 5

    When a Siberian loner and a Lynx perfectionist are ordered to track down an arsonist in the Rocky Mountains, trees aren't the only things that catch fire. These two will discover, that despite their best efforts, a slow burn will eventually ignite. C...

  • C.D. Gorri
    Book - 6

    Someone has been stealing meatless meatballs from the cafeteria at the Furry United Coalition Newbie Academy or FUCN'A as it's called for short! Conflict Resolution & Situation De-escalation Counselor Sofia Pelosi must discover the culprit before the...

  • Susan Hayes
    Book - 7

    Forget the wrong side of the tracks. These two shifters are from opposite sides of the food chain. Sergei is a tiger-shifter who lives by a set of rules as clear as the stripes on his fur. Steaks should always be served rare, catnaps are the best nap...

  • Jodi Kendrick
    Book - 8

    Bryah Lam, living on the fringes of the shifter community is determined to unite her best friend with her long lost family, even if that means blowing through all her savings and going to the far side of the country to do it.Caleb Terry finally has t...

  • Amanda Kimberley
    Book - 10

    What happens when her pure hare-itage meets royal blood?Harriet is descended from a long line of pure hares. Unfortunately, an experiment rendered her a hybrid, a mutant… a critter who runs towards danger instead of from it. Because of it, she...

  • T.B. Mann
    Book - 11

    An Asian moon bear, a black panther, a sloth bear, and a Russian blue feline walk into a stripper bar...As a domestic cat shifter, computer genius Tabitha knew the closest she would ever get to being a FUC agent was as a tech. Not even bullying taunt...

  • Mandy Rosko
    Book - 12

    Digging through the trash and taking things that didn't belong to her wasn't how Trisha imagined her life would be, but after being kidnapped and turned into a horned raccoon shifter, it's exactly how she's turned out. It's not all bad, though. She e...

  • Lucy Farago
    Book - 13

    Winter comes to Furry United Coalition Newbie Academy  with a secret that threatens to separate her from her hard-earned independence. When she stumbles upon a Siberian taking a polar dip, the wary beauty has no idea her life is about to ch...

  • Julia Mills
    Book - 14

    Life without caffeine is a no-go for this FUC superhero – a world without her favorite drink is not a world Dr. Freddie Lightfoot wants to live in. Time to throw on her rainbow wings and kick tail, even if it means putting off meeting a certain...

  • Jodi Kendrick
    Book - 15

    An orphaned pup and a privileged kitty with only the FUCN'A in common work together to thwart family negotiations for an arranged marriage and take down a crazy old dog. Corra Terry is about to start a new life as a freshly enrolled cadet at the...

  • Renee Hewett
    Book - 16

    A moose with no memory and a narwhal stuck on land... Not only is Kailee Watkins a narwhal without a horn, but she's a sea creature working in cyber intelligence for the Furry United Coalition Newbie Academy—a primarily land-based institut...

  • Mandy Rosko
    Book - 17

    Can a chinchilla and cat find common ground? After getting kidnapped, experimented on, and changed forever, Charlie is happy to throw her middle finger up at the world and sleep in her comfortable burrow until the end of time. If only a handsome, yet...

  • Amanda Kimberley
    Book - 18

    He's her rock, and she's his everything.What happens when the Shifter Hellenic Island Talks (SHIT) go down because of another Zagan scheme? Plenty!Will Teo be able to keep his Treasure out of harm's way once she becomes the object of Zagan's evil plo...

  • Scarlet Fox
    Book - 19

    After being rescued from experimentation at a lab, Paige wants nothing more than to get on with her life. What's more frustrating than trying to fill in the blanks of her memory is the annoying—yet sexy—FUC agent who is hell-bent on prote...

  • Julia Mills
    Book - 20

    Take one doctor with a glittering green body, sparkly wings, and a sassy alter-ego who refuses to take no for an answer.Add an explosives professor with red scales and a heart of gold who shares his soul with an ancient Dragon King.Mix in the most FU...

  • Julia Mills
    Book - 28

    She's been fixin' everything from Burping Barbie to the engine of a 747 since before she could walk. So, why can't she repair her love life? He's got the highest IQ MENSA's ever seen, and he's unraveled the mysteries of ancient pharaohs. So, why can'...

  • C.D. Gorri

    A hedgie charged with identity theft. A bull with questionable familial associations. Tofu Taco Tuesdays are about to get real at FUC Academy. A FUCN'A graduate, Samantha Andrews is eager to rise in the ranks. The thing is she's kinda sorta allergic ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are 21 books in the FUC Academy series.

The FUC Academy series does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Dusty and Her Dino (Book 28), was published in May 2022.

The first book in the FUC Academy series, I'll Be Dammed, was published in January 2020.

The FUC Academy series primarily falls into the Paranormal Romance genre.