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Book Descriptions for series: Days of Our Lives

  • MARLENA & JOHN HAVE NEVER BEEN SO CLOSE, and yet so far apart... Marlena's love, John, has been paralyzed for two years, and she is becoming desperate. Although her love for him has never waned, she must find a cure before they drift too far apar...

  • As New Year's fireworks light the London sky... The fallout from Richard Gaines's financial debacle spreads deeply into the lives of the citizens from Salem. With John and Marlena's help, Charley believes Richard's unspeakable wrongs have been rec...

  • In the third volume, scandals and lies swirl around luminescent Charley Gaines as she draws closer to her newfound family and friends from Salem. Thrust into a world starlets only dream of, the resilient beauty stumbles headfirst into a secret that t...