Cameo Gothic Series in Order (22 Books)

Order Author Book Date Rating
1 1
2 0
3 1
6 1
7 5
8 1
10 0
11 1
12 1

14 1
15 0
16 0
17 0
18 0
19 0
20 0
21 0
22 0
23 1
24 0
25 0
26 1

Book Descriptions for series: Cameo Gothic

  • Nancy T. Smith
    Book - 1

    When Paul Stembridge came looking for his missing brother Geoffrey, Susan Lord could not know he had brought a family curse with him. Susan fell in love with Paul, married him, and in her happiness, all thoughts of Geoffrey were forgotten. But so...

  • Louise Hoffman
    Book - 2

    Because he saved your life you refuse to believe he could take someone else’s…” Julie Wescott knew that Greg could not have killed his wife; he was with her the night his wife was murdered. But the dead woman’s brother was convinced that ...

  • Poppy Nottingham
    Book - 3

    LIKE MOTHER - LIKE DAUGHTER It was to have been her mother's fourth marriage, and Sunny wouldn't have even bothered coming to Revelstoke Castle if the invitation hadn't sounded so...desperate. Now her mother was dead, and the women of Revelstoke, wh...

  • Diane La Point
    Book - 6

    Tallent Boardman comes to the Casa del Sol determined to succeed as Paul Rowan's law assistant. Quickly gaining Paul's admiration and affection, she soon learns that her love places her very much in someone's way. Little incidents are eng...

  • Marianne Ruuth
    Book - 7

    Anne Redford had been looking forward to spending a pleasant few weeks at her college roommate’s home. But Cecilia’s grandfather died unexpectedly, and the house was plunged into gloom. Could John Blake’s death had been unnatural? Cecilia sh...

  • Poppy Nottingham
    Book - 8

    She had promised… go to Moreau House, and only by fulfilling her husband’s deathbed wish could the lovely young widow lay his memory to rest forever and begin anew. It was to be a brief visit. However, Alisa Moreau found that the inhab...

  • Chris Waynar
    Book - 10

    Paradise beckoned--but an evil as old as time awaited her... The wild, sun-drenched beauty of Greece was balm to a tortured soul, and Elizabeth Holland understood why her sister Jessica had made the country her home. She, too, had hoped to find ha...

  • Norma Davison
    Book - 11

    Letisha Harraton was dead. She had willed her house and her fortune to her grandniece, Jane Warren. But in fact, Letisha Harraton was very much alive -- as Jane discovered when she arrived at the mist-ridden ruins of Rievaulx Abbey and found that the...

  • Diane La Point
    Book - 12

    It had been eight years since Charles Huron's wife mysteriously drowned - eight years that his lvely daughter Wendy had not spoken a word.... Jessica Brandt had simply agreed to be Wendy's companion for the summer; she was unprepared for the bond ...

  • Louise Hoffman
    Book - 14

    Her marriage was a dream come true...until death turned it into a screaming nightmare... Original Title: The Impossible Dream...

  • Marybeth Morgan
    Book - 15

    Ellie Harris had never met her granduncle Edward before, but when he offered her a job in Barbados as his secretary, she eagerly accepted. But something was very wrong at Bromley. Sir Edward had disappeared, David Douglas, the handsome manager of...

  • Laura Brooks
    Book - 16

    Ruth Ames could hardly believe her good fortune when she and her husband Charles found a house that they could afford. But the turquoise color was not the only strange thing about the new house. For soon after they moved in, Ruth knew that evil had h...

  • Margaret Chittenden
    Book - 17

    Kristina Mallory had never met her huband's family. Banished from his home as a young man, Greg had told her simply that he would never return to Findlay's Landing. But now Greg was dead -- and his widow had been invited there to stay. A...

  • Frances Patton Statham
    Book - 18

    Cara's resemblance to a two-hundred-year-old Italian portrait puts her in danger, as two worlds collide and she is forced into marriage by the purchaser of the portrait - the notorious Garth Stevens, owner of the wealthiest river mansion outside Char...

  • Zoa Sherburne
    Book - 20

    Although she recovered from the near-fatal accident, the beautiful young woman could remember nothing. It was from her personal effects she learned that her name was Janet, and that she was the widow of the wealthy Larry Kirby. Her baby was his son, ...

  • Eva Zumwalt
    Book - 21

    When Sarah York visits Cameron Oaks, her cousin's plantation, she turns all her attentions to Jaime, her young blind charge. But against her will, her heart turns to the child's father - a man surrounded by the dreadful rumors that he set the...

  • Naomi Smith
    Book - 22

    Allyn Bourke came to Sheldon's Crossing to forget a tragedy that haunted her nights, and made sad shadows of her days. But before one scar could heal, tragedy struck again...and again...and again. -- There was her friend Nina, one minute laughing g...

  • Maynah Lewis
    Book - 24

    The picturesque little village of Balderstock had destroyed her brother, Pete. What evil lay in wait for Eve Shannon, the feared and hated stranger? Is John Barraclough related?...

  • Anastasia Cleaver
    Book - 25

    Was it a cruel twist of Fate that brought Helena to Forresthill? She came to the grotesque old mansion in the woods to teach piano to a child -- and fell in love with the child's father: Andreas Vallelonga, the dark, bitter, haunted man who once...

  • Deborah Scott
    Book - 26

    It was Aunt Delia's birthday, and Beth Hendry, her secretary, was invited to the gathering at the estate. There were no happy returns of the day, however, for someone was trying to murder the wise old matriarch. Then time ran out, and as terror e...