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The Bibliomysteries Series in Order (38 Books)

Order Author Book Date Rating
1 (e) 0
2 (e) 4
3 (e) 2.5
4 (e) 4
5 0
6 (e) 3.5
7 (e) 0
8 0
9 (e) 0

10 (e) 0
11 (e) 0
12 (e) 4
13 (e) 2
14 (e) 4
15 (e) 0
16 (e) 3
17 (e) 0
18 (e) 0
19 (e) 3
20 (e) 4
21 (e) 4
22 (e) 4.5
23 (e) 3
24 (e) 0
25 (e) 0
26 (e) 4
27 4
28 (e) 0
29 (e) 0

30 (e) 0
31 (e) 5
32 (e) 4
33 (e) 0
34 (e) 0
35 (e) 4
(e) 5
(e) 5
(e) 0

Book Descriptions for series: Bibliomysteries

  • Ken Bruen
    Book - 1

    With his hated father dead, a man’s life takes a dangerous turn He doesn’t cry when his father, Frank, dies. The old man was an abusive, self-absorbed drunk, and when cancer takes him to his deathbed, his son is there to watch. At Frank’s fi...

  • Anne Perry
    Book - 2

    An ancient scroll draws a bookseller into a chilling mystery. Monty Danforth finds the tin buried beneath a shipment of leather-bound classics. Inside is a millennia-old vellum manuscript written in an unfamiliar but unmistakably ancient language. Da...

  • C.J. Box
    Book - 3

    Short tales about deadly books, by top mystery authors In frigid Wyoming lies a mystery that stretches back to Nazi Germany. Lyle and Juan wait outside the lawyer's house in ski masks, pistols hidden behind their backs. Shortly after dawn, Paul P...

  • Jeffery Deaver
    Book - 4

    A pair of federal agents from either side of the US-Mexico border target a cartel kingpin. They call him "Cuchillo," the Knife. Not because he kills with a blade - he has plenty of men to do that kind of work for him - but because his mind is so shar...

  • William Link
    Book - 5

    Attempting the perfect murder, a killer encounters the perfect cop After years of get-rich-quick schemes, Troy Pellingham’s bank account is empty and his options are down to one: take a job in his uncle’s rare book shop, and spend his days wor...

  • Peter Robinson
    Book - 6

    A gripping novella from the New York Times�"bestselling author of the Inspector Banks Mysteries and a “master of the art” (TheBoston Globe).   Retired Cambridge professor Donald Aitcheson loves scouring antiquarian bookshops for secondhand trea...

  • Laura Lippman
    Book - 7

    A thief targets a local bookstore and it will take a bibliophile PI to save the shop Tess Monaghan wants to like the Children’s Bookstore. It’s bright, cozy, and packed with the kinds of books that she is dying for her daughter to fall in love...

  • Reed Farrel Coleman
    Book - 8

    Short tales about deadly books, by top mystery authors.

    The lie that bought Jacob Weisen a new life cannot help him escape the past. Birkenau could not kill Jacob Weisen. He survived the death camp and made his way to America, where he beca...

  • Loren D. Estleman
    Book - 9

    Short tales about deadly books, by top mystery authors. When a bibliophile is murdered, it takes a bookseller to solve the crime. Good Advice, New Mexico, is a sunny town with a gloomy bookshop. The store's eerie corridors are the province of Avery S...

  • Andrew Taylor
    Book - 10

    In pursuit of the find of a lifetime, an academic confronts an old rival Once visited by the likes of Charles Dickens, William Thackeray, and George Eliot, the London Library is a maze of books -- a jumble of first editions and forgotten texts. Fo...

  • Peter Blauner
    Book - 11

    As World War II draws near, a dying genius fights against hate to preserve his legacy Cancer has ravaged Sigmund Freud. It is 1938, and the great doctor has fled Vienna for London, where he races to finish his final, most dangerous work: a radical...

  • David Bell
    Book - 12

    After the death of his father, a literature professor is drawn into the murder investigation of a bookstore proprietor Though Don and his father both love books, their tastes couldn’t be more different. Don is a scholar, and his father reads not...

  • Thomas H. Cook
    Book - 13

    Five decades after war’s end, a rare-books dealer receives a strange visitor The guns went silent on November 11, 1918, never to fire again. Throughout the 1920s, unrest seethed across Europe, and Fascists battled Communists in the streets of Be...

  • Max Allan Collins; Mickey Spillane
    Book - 14

    Mike Hammer tears apart New York in search of a dead don’s ledger.

    For years, cops have whispered legends that Don Nicholas Giraldi, the gentleman godfather, kept a ledger going back decades, keeping track of every police officer...

  • Bradford Morrow
    Book - 15

    In frigid Wyoming lies a mystery that stretches back to Nazi Germany. Lyle and Juan wait outside the lawyer’s house in ski masks, pistols hidden behind their backs. Shortly after dawn, Paul Parker, an aged lawyer, and his old dog step into the cold...

  • Peter Lovesey
    Book - 16

    A puzzler of a tale about a dead bookshop owner, a priceless cache of first editions, and a deadly secret taken to the grave. It’s no mystery who killed Robert Ripple, owner of Precious Finds Bookstore in Pokesville, Pennsylvania. It was Agatha Chr...

  • F. Paul Wilson
    Book - 17

    The most evil book ever conceived falls into the hands of the leader of the Spanish Inquisition in this ingenious bibliomystery from the bestselling creator of Repairman Jack. In the fifteenth century, the Spanish Inquisition spreads terror throughou...

  • Lyndsay Faye
    Book - 18

    A librarian is tormented by a lethal volume of black magic. When A. Davenport Lomax’s young daughter asks him whether spirits and faeries are real, the Edwardian librarian just pats the little darling on the head. But when a desperate man emerges f...

  • R.L. Stine
    Book - 19

    Writer’s block shows up in person to terrorize a bestselling author. Zachary Gold, struggling to write his second novel after his first became an instant success, is suddenly confronted by a mysterious man claiming that Zach plagiarized his writing...

  • Thomas Perry
    Book - 20

    A long lost manuscript by Geoffrey Chaucer draws Professor Dominic Hallkyn through the streets of Boston and into a mysterious plot. When Professor Dominic Hallkyn receives an anonymous phone call late one night from a voice claiming to possess a pri...

  • Megan Abbott
    Book - 21

    In 1950s Hollywood, an actress is haunted by a bookseller’s death: A novella from the Edgar Award-winning author of Give Me Your Hand.   In 1953, Penny is just another washed-up, wannabe Hollywood actress who is past her prime. She has settled in ...

  • Carolyn Hart / Carolyn G. Hart
    Book - 22

    The next story in the* Bibliomysteries *series, penned by MWA Grand Master Carolyn Hart. Everyone dreams of stumbling upon a long-lost treasure in the attic or inheriting a fortune from some distant relat...

  • Denise Mina
    Book - 23

    Elsa finds a book with strange powers and must face her tortured past. It’s been seven years since Else visited her tiny hometown on an isolated island off the coast of Scotland. After years of suffering bullying at the hands of the few other resid...

  • Stephen Hunter
    Book - 24

    A thrilling new novella from the bestselling author of the Bob Lee Swagger series.   A captain in the British Army, Basil St. Florian has been tasked with a dangerous mission in the midst of World War II. He has been sent across the English Channel ...

  • James Grady
    Book - 25

    Short tales about deadly books, by top mystery authors  A thrilling Condor novella from the bestselling author of Six Days of the Condor.   Vin, a name of convenience for the agent known as Condor, has been released from psychiatric care an...

  • Joyce Carol Oates
    Book - 26

    A book lover’s lust for acquisition drives him to murder in this short tale from the New York Times�"bestselling author of Beautiful Days. Identified only by the hastily -- and clumsily -- chosen alias Charles Brockden, the narrator of this story ...

  • Ian Rankin
    Book - 27

    A thrilling new novella about a Jekyll and Hyde�"obsessed Scot in Paris from the international-bestselling author of the Inspector Rebus mysteries. For recent college graduate Ronald Hastie, a job at the legendary Shakespeare and Company bookshop...

  • John Harvey
    Book - 29

    The stylish tale of a dead poet, a rediscovered pulp novel, and a lovely lady with a story to sell from the author of the Charles Resnick Mysteries. Ex�"Metropolitan Police Officer Jack Kiley spent his career discerning fact from fiction. Now a priv...

  • Christopher Fowler
    Book - 30

    A man obsessed with Dracula pursues a legendary lost edition of the classic vampire book in this chilling story from the author of the Bryan and May Mysteries. Carter, one of the world’s leading experts on Dracula, owns many editions of Bram Stoker...

  • Joe R. Lansdale
    Book - 31

    A long-lost bookmobile opens a wild new chapter in the lives of dysfunctional Texas detectives Hap and Leonard -- stars of the hit Sundance TV series.   Hap Collins is a straight, white, liberal, blue-collar tough guy. Leonard Pine is a gay, black,...

  • Charles Todd
    Book - 32

    A simple theft leads to unforeseen tragedy in this story from the New York Times�"bestselling author of the Inspector Ian Rutledge Mysteries.   In a quaint antiquarian bookshop in the Midlands of England, a woman is captivated by a rare gilt-edged ...

  • Robert Olen Butler
    Book - 34

    An American spy in Paris solves a legendary mystery as the Pulitzer Prize�"winning author’s “thrilling historical series” continues (The Wall Street Journal).   Former Chicago journalist turned globe-trotting spy Christopher Marlowe Cobb...

  • Michael Koryta
    Book - 35

    A boy comes of age among a family of grifters in this powerful story from a New York Times�"bestselling “master” (Stephen King).   Never knowing a real home, Markus Novak’s only constant in life is his passion for paperback westerns. The chil...

  • Elizabeth George

    Jane Shore was born into a quiet life -- the sickly, most easily overlooked daughter of a brood of eight boisterous children. But Jane’s tendency to fall ill and her natural penchant for devouring stories in her sickbed reveal a most extraordinary ...

  • David Handler

    Ex-bestselling author Stewart Hoag is after a tell-all Hollywood diary in this short mystery from the Edgar Award�"winning author.   Once upon a time, Stewart “Hoagy” Hoag was a celebrity author married to a famous actress. But after a serious ...

  • Simon Brett

    A rare eighteenth-century encyclopedia reveals a murderous secret in this short story by the CWA Diamond Dagger�"winning author of A Shock to the System.   For Professor Derrick Rounsevell, antique books can bring the past into the present, thr...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are 38 books in the Bibliomysteries series.

The Bibliomysteries series does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Last Honest Horse Thief (Book 35), was published in December 2018.

The first book in the Bibliomysteries series, The Book of Virtue, was published in November 2012.

The Bibliomysteries series primarily falls into the Mystery genre.