• Length:
    3 Books
  • Latest Book:
    April 2010
  • Age Level:
    Middle Grade (Ages 8-12)
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Ben 10: Alien Force (Chapter Books) Series in Order (3 Books)

Order Author Book Date Rating
3 5

Book Descriptions for series: Ben 10: Alien Force (Chapter Books)

  • Charles Fullerton
    Book - 3

    When his grandpa Max goes missing, fifteen-year old Ben Tennyson finds himself back in the hero business. Strapping on his Omnitrix, which allows him to change into different aliens, Ben teams up with his friends Gwen and Kevin, and together, the thr...

  • Charlotte Fullerton

    Get ready to go full force! Cartoon Network's latest hit property is invading bookstores everywhere.

    Chapter book one is based on the season 2 finale of the hit show, "War of the Worlds." The alien invasion is here at last -- and it's up to Be...

  • Tracey West

    Ben's brand new Ultra Alien adventures are out of this world! When Cooper hacks into what he thinks is an alien video game, he actually starts an inter-galactic war between two peace-loving planets. One of the aliens comes to Ben requesting his he...