McNally's Secret
  • Length:
    13 Books
  • First:
    January 1992
  • Latest:
    August 2004
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Series List in Order

Order Author Book Genre Date Rating
1 Private Investigator / PI 3.5 Buy
2 Private Investigator / PI 3.5 Buy
3 Private Investigator / PI 4 Buy
4 Private Investigator / PI 4 Buy
5 Private Investigator / PI 4 Buy
6 Private Investigator / PI 4 Buy
7 Private Investigator / PI 4 Buy
8 Private Investigator / PI 3 Buy
9 Private Investigator / PI 3.5 Buy

10 Private Investigator / PI 4.5 Buy
11 Private Investigator / PI 4 Buy
12 Private Investigator / PI 4 Buy
13 Private Investigator / PI 2.5 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: An Archy McNally Novel

  • Lawrence Sanders
    Book - 1

    Archy McNally, a freewheeling playboy who specializes in 'Discreet Inquiries' for the rich and not-so-discreet. Beneath the glaring sun of Palm Beach - and behind the lowest crimes of high society - McNally is paid to keep family skeletons in the clo...

  • Lawrence Sanders
    Book - 2

    Sex, suspense, sheer entertainment--McNally's Luck is Lawrence Sanders' most seductive game of cat arid mouse (and murder) since McNally's Secret. Playboy/lover/sleuth Archy McNally is back--and the secrets of the filthy rich have never been filthier...

  • Lawrence Sanders
    Book - 3

    Sex, scandal, and suspicion--playboy sleuth Archy McNally is back! Lawrence Sanders' fun-loving Palm Beach P.I. captivated fans in the runaway bestsellers McNally's Secret and McNally's Luck. Now, the freewheeling Archy is seduced by the very temptre...

  • Lawrence Sanders
    Book - 4

    He's suave, he's sexy, he's Archy McNally--the wickedly charming sleuth who has delighted fans in Lawrence Sanders's scandalously entertaining bestsellers, McNally's Risk and McNally's Luck. Now the Palm Beach P. I. unravels the ultimate low-down cap...

  • Lawrence Sanders
    Book - 5

    Smooth, sexy, and shocking Lawrence Sanders returns with a double martini of a thriller sure to delight fans of his smash bestsellers McNally's Risk and McNally's Caper. Everyone's favorite playboy-turned-sleuth, Archy McNally, is back on the Palm Be...

  • Lawrence Sanders
    Book - 6

    Sex, secrets, and suspense. Nobody lives for them like Archy McNally, the playboy-turned-Palm Beach P.I. Wealthy bird-store owner Hiram Gottschalk feels his life is in danger. And he's right - as McNally realizes when his mutilated body is found. Bet...

  • Lawrence Sanders
    Book - 7

    Archy McNally returns in an enticing novel of sun and sin in Palm Beach - where the rich count their schemes before they're hatched. Well-to-do widow Edythe Westmore has announced her intent to invest a large part of her fortune in a Faberge Imperial...

  • Lawrence Sanders
    Book - 8

    After finding husband number two in a precarious position with an attractive young lady, Melva Williams pulls the trigger--and readily admits to the crime passionnel. To shield her gorgeous daughter from the press and paparazzi, she turns to her long...

  • Vincent Lardo
    Book - 9

    All the world's a stage, Palm Beach included, as Archy soon discovers. The arrival of legendary Hollywood leading lady Desdemona Darling has the tiny little island in a tizzy. The divine La Darling is to star in the Palm Beach Community Theater's pro...

  • Vincent Lardo
    Book - 10

    When bestselling romance author Sabrina Wright asks for Archy McNally's help in finding her missing husband, Archy is quick to write it off as a simple domestic case. But this one's a page-turner of the first order: Sabrina's daughter ran off, Sabrin...

  • Vincent Lardo
    Book - 11

    A millionaire collector employs Archy McNally to find the Holy Grail of missing tomes, Truman Capote's ANSWERED PRAYERS. The hunt opens a Pandora's Box and out pop a troika of lovely ladies to tempt the Palm Beach Discreet Inquirer away from his appo...

  • Vincent Lardo
    Book - 12

    The dowager duchess of Palm Beach dies, leaving behind a fabulous fortune and a handsome young heir -- but is the young heir who he claims to be? To prove he is -- or is not -- Archy dares to trap a double murderer by offering him a third victim in a...

  • Vincent Lardo
    Book - 13

    Self-styled impresario, Matthew Hayes, rents a luxury villa on Palm Beach's famed Ocean Boulevard and the locals roll their eyes when he scuttles the traditional backyard accouterments of swimming pool and tennis court in favor of a grand garden hedg...