The Smuggler's Treasure
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  • First Book:
    September 1999
  • Latest Book:
    March 2004
  • Genres:
    Historical Mystery
  • Age Level:
    Middle Grade (Ages 8-12)
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The American Girl History Mysteries Series in Order (22 Books)

Order Author Book Date Rating
1 0
2 0
3 5
4 0
5 0
6 0
7 5
8 3
9 0

10 5
11 2
12 0
13 0
14 3
15 0
16 0
17 3
18 2
19 0
20 4
21 0
22 2

Book Descriptions for series: American Girl History Mysteries

  • Sarah Masters Buckey
    Book - 1

    It's 1814. America is at war with Britain, and eleven-year-old Elisabet Holder is suddenly alone. Her father -- the only family she knows -- has been taken prisoner by the British. Sent from Boston to New Orleans to live with relatives she's never me...

  • Holly Hughes
    Book - 2

    It's 1860. Annie Dawson loves living on the Red Buttes Pony Express Station, with daring riders like her friend Billy Cody racing through to carry the mail coast to coast. But more than anything, Annie loves the pony Magpie. When Magpie suddenly turn...

  • Elizabeth McDavid-Jones
    Book - 3

    It's 1918. Pam Lowder and her papa raise the best homing pigeons on the North Carolina coast -- homers with the rare ability to fly at night. While Papa's away in World War I, a stranger with a foreign accent comes to town. Soon Pam's best birds star...

  • Katherine Ayres
    Book - 4

    It's 1942. America has just entered World War II, and Charlotte Campbell's brother Jim has gone to fight. Twelve-year-old Charlotte wants to help the war effort too, so she and her classmates start a scrap metal drive. When all the metal is stolen, C...

  • Elizabeth McDavid-Jones
    Book - 5

    It's 1914. Susan O'Neal's widowed mother takes in a boarder to help pay the rent -- an Englishwoman named Bea. As Susan helps Bea unpack, she glimpses a letter with the words must be kept secret for now. Susan forgets about the letter for weeks . . ....

  • Evelyn Coleman
    Book - 6

    It's 1928. Bessie Coulter's father whisks her from their North Carolina farm to Harlem, New York, with no explanation -- leaving Mama behind. Twelve-year-old Bessie's determination to find out what's happening to her family leads her into the midst o...

  • Kathleen Ernst
    Book - 7

    In the early 1700s, twelve-year-old Suzette, an Ojibwa-French girl, hopes that her father will win the fur-trapping contest so that he can quit being a voyageur and stay with his family year-round, but when he is accused of stealing, Suzette must use...

  • Katherine Ayres
    Book - 8

    In 1908, eleven-year-old Innie joins the library club at a settlement house that serves immigrant families of Boston's North End, but when items and money disappear from the settlement house, Innie's past as a troublemaker puts her under suspicion....

  • Elizabeth McDavid-Jones
    Book - 9

    It's 1865. Near the end of the Civil War, twelve-year-old Cassie Willis learns that her brother Jacob has been killed while fighting in the Confederate army. Torn by grief, she runs to the secret thicket in the piney woods that she and Jacob loved --...

  • Eleanora E. Tate
    Book - 11

    It's 1904. Twelve-year-old Orphelia Bruce dreams of being a musical star -- and she has the talent to make her dream come true. Her biggest obstacle is Momma, who forbids her to perform anywhere but at church in tiny Calico Creek, Missouri. When Orp...

  • Kathryn Reiss
    Book - 12

    In 1878, twelve-year-old Ida Kate and her widowed father welcome a mail-order bride and her baby to their Kansas homestead, but Ida Kate soon suspects that the bride is not the woman with whom Papa has corresponded. Simultaneous....

  • Sarah Masters Buckey
    Book - 13

    It's 1754. Rebecca Percy lives in a New Hampshire fort on the edge of the English frontier. She's waited years for word of her parents, captured by Abenaki Indians. Then Widow Tyler, the kind woman she lives with, takes in a white boy raised by Abena...

  • Evelyn Coleman
    Book - 14

    When Mandy discovers that members of the KKK are using her secret forest clearing to plan a bombing of the nearby Highlander School during a speech by Eleanor Roosevelt, she must race against time to thwart the Klansmen's evil plot, in a thrilling my...

  • Elizabeth McDavid-Jones
    Book - 15

    It's 1724. Soon after Rachel Howell joins her wealthy father in Charles Town, South Carolina, she becomes friends with Sally, the tavern-keeper's daughter. When twelve-year-old Rachel is forbidden to see Sally, the girls find a secret meeting place -...

  • Kathleen Ernst
    Book - 16

    It's 1867. Twelve-year-old Emma Henderson is mortified when Mother takes to wearing a Reform Dress -- hideous bloomers! Worse, Mother has accepted a newspaper job in wild, far-off Colorado Territory. But even Emma can't imagine just how badly things ...

  • Barbara Steiner
    Book - 17

    It's 1897. Swept up in the great Klondike gold rush, Hetty McKinley sails north with Papa and her dashing Uncle Donall. Landing in Alaska, Hetty feels excitement in the air. But as the McKinleys trek the rugged trail inland to Chilkoot Pass, their ad...

  • Kathryn Reiss
    Book - 18

    In the aftermath of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, twelve-year-old Clara finds a baby left on the doorstep of her family's boarding house, and sets out to unravel the surrounding mysteries. Simultaneous....

  • Sarah Masters Buckey
    Book - 20

    In 1925, after witnessing the violent actions of some gangsters, twelve-year-old Emily Scott accompanies her older sister on a trip to a luxurious hotel on the New Jersey shore, but worries that the gangsters have come to the same hotel. Simultaneous...

  • Elizabeth McDavid-Jones
    Book - 21

    In the late nineteenth century, twelve-year-old Rhoda Midyette investigates her suspicion that a wrecker may be luring ships to their destruction on the Virginia barrier island where her father is Keeper of a U.S. Lifesaving Station. Simultaneous. 15...

  • Kathleen Ernst
    Book - 22

    It's 1775.  Elspeth Monro, newly come from Scotland, is just beginning to feel at home in North Carolina, with a new friend and a weaving apprenticeship she loves.  To Elspeth, the brewing Revolution feels very far away--until someone starts to thr...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are 22 books in the American Girl History Mysteries series.

The American Girl History Mysteries series does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Betrayal at Cross Creek (Book 22), was published in March 2004.

The first book in the American Girl History Mysteries series, The Smuggler's Treasure, was published in September 1999.

The American Girl History Mysteries series primarily falls into the Historical Mystery genre. This middle grade series was written for ages 8-12, but can be enjoyed by older readers as well.