Beginning With a Bash
  • Length:
    8 Books
  • First:
    January 1937
  • Latest:
    January 1947
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1 Mystery / M 4 Buy
2 Mystery / M 0 Buy
3 Mystery / M 0 Buy
4 Mystery / M 4 Buy
5 Mystery / M 0 Buy
6 Mystery / M 0 Buy
7 Mystery / M 0 Buy
8 Mystery / M 0 Buy

Book Descriptions for series: A Leonidas Witherall Mystery

  • Book - 1

    "DEAD AMID A SEA OF BOOKS, HIS HEAD BASHED IN."Beginning with a Bash (a Leonidas Witherall mystery) by Phoebe Atwood Taylor (writing as Alice Tilton) A freezing east wind blew through the streets of Boston. To Martin Jones, shivering outside a secon...

  • Book - 2

  • Book - 3

  • Book - 4

    “Surely, under whatever pseudonym, Mrs. Taylor is the mystery equivalent of Buster Keaton.” ―Dilys Winn It has been a hard day for Leonidas Witherall. Someone had set him up to be mistaken for a burglar, and the police are now hot on his heels....

  • Book - 5

    It's Egg Day in Dalton (a New England town near Boston) and Leonidas Witherall, "the man who looks like Shakespeare", returns home from shepherding some students on an Egg Day outing to find his house ransacked, his safe open, and a beaut...

  • Book - 6

  • Book - 7

    Leonidas Witherall, offbeat detective, is haunted by neighbors, strangers, blondes and a most unlikely corpse. One of its more colorful residents, Leonidas Witherall inhabits the fictional Boston suburb of Dalton and is the proprietor of a prestigiou...

  • Book - 8

    This time the mysterious arrival and subsequent disappearance of a brown paper package sets Witherall off on a furious chase around Dalton and environs, only briefly interrupted by the discovery of the corpse of banker Fenwick Balderston, bashed in t...