The Nurses


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The book that does for the noblest profession what “Coffee, Tea Or Me” did for the airline stewardesses…

These are THE NURSES: six girls, young, beautiful, meeting life head-on…

Karen " oldest of the group, burned by passion at an early age, and afraid of the fire in her veins;

Gail " rich, beautiful, spoiled -- unable to distinguish between love and lust;

Alison " cynical, free-wheeling, using sex as a bargain-counter commodity and her body as illegal tender;

Dawn " aloof and withdrawn, running from one scandal into the tawdry trap of another;

Lori " childlike, virginal, phantasizing [sic] about sex and unprepared for the realities of life;

Melanie " the innocent, dedicated to her work, her life almost over before it begins…

…and this is their story, and the story of the men in their lives.

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