Past Due



  • Contemporary


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Philadelphia defense attorney Victor Carl lives his professional and personal lives in shades of gray. Though he regularly skates dangerously on the razor's edge of legal ethics, he remains unwaveringly loyal to those he's been hired to defend - even to lowlife scum like Joey Cheaps...and even after they're dead.

The fact that Cheaps owed him money, and confessed to his lawyer his earlier involvement in a heinous yet lucrative crime, plays some part in Carl's decision to find out who slit Joey's throat down by the waterfront. But a determination to do the right thing, albeit for the wrong reasons, is leading him into very deadly territory, deep into the murkiest corners of his murdered client's history, toward dark, lethal secrets of powerful people...and into the crosshairs of a vengeful enemy with a pain-filled past and a taste for blood.
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