Capitol Murder



  • Contemporary


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In the heart of the nation's capital, defense attorney Ben Kincaid takes on his most shocking, headline-making case yet. After powerful U.S. senator Tod Glancy is caught in a sordid sex scandal, Senate aide Veronica Cooper is found brutally murdered. The young woman's death comes on the heels of the release of a videotape depicting her and Senator Glancy in compromising positions.

In a case that pits Kincaid and his freewheeling partner, Christina McCall, against the corrupt machinery of Washington politics, the answers they seek are hidden in a murderous maze of lies and dark motives. As a dramatic trial unfolds, new twists plunge Kincaid deep into a bizarre world of Goths and sadomasochists while he searches for the secret behind Veronica Cooper's demise . . . and the truth about the senator's innocence or guilt.
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