Wendell McCall

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    Amateur Sleuth


    A Chris Klick Mystery - 3

    Chris Klick, whose gig is to restore uncollected royalties to musicians for a percentage, comes to Paris on the trail of a famous conductor. The payoff due is large, but the man is elusive - he's begun an affair with a student cellist, and cleaned ou...

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    Amateur Sleuth


    A Chris Klick Mystery - 2

    Guns and greed lead to grief ... Chris Klick, a guy who traces missing musicians to give himself a trace of the good life, has kicked back to relax over a bird-watching, fly-fishing Idaho summer. Klick's buddy Lyel, a former pro basketball player, co...

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    Amateur Sleuth


    A Chris Klick Mystery - 1

    Even rural Idaho has its mean streets... Ex-musician Chris Klick is no slouch. And no sleuth. He prefers to sit on the porch of an Idaho cabin and be one with nature, but groceries and some of life's finer things have to be bought with cash. When a c...

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