The Honor of Spies

W.E.B. Griffin returns to his Honor Bound series set in the shadows of World War II espionage in South America...

August 1943: In his short time as a spy with the Office of Strategic Services, young Cletus Frade has faced many unlikely situations, but nothing like his new assignment. Having helped Lieutenant Colonel Wilhelm Frogger escape a Mississippi POW camp, he must now get the defiant German to turn against his country. Frogger's Nazi parents, in Frade's custody in Argentina, are refusing to provide intelligence about secret plans to establish safe havens for senior Nazi officials in South America. Even more pressing is the fact that before his capture, Frogger was part of a conspiracy to assassinate Adolf Hitler. If the OSS can act quickly, they could end the war. But Frade is not the only one who knows about the Froggers. Others wish to silence the parents -- and then Frade himself. And though his career in the OSS may have been brief...soon it might be over.
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