The Sunset Gang



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With time running short, these intrepid residents of Sunset Village prove that sex, love, intrigue and vitality continue to salt the so-called golden years. These acclaimed and timeless short stories have become a primer for the twilight years and a message of hope for a rich extended life in today's world.

The retired residents of Sunset Village in Florida continue to thirst for life and love, teaching anyone a lot about living -- a subject on which they are, after all, experts.

The Sunset Gang is as lively, fun, and courageous a group as you'll find anywhere this side of the Last Reward. The fact that you'll find them at Sunset Village, a condominium retirement community in Florida -- where an ambulance siren is the theme song and cycling at a stately pace is strenuous exercise -- does not mean that they are ready to pack it all in. Not by a long shot.

Indeed, sex and romantic love keep Sunset Village bubbling with activity. If you were to walk down one of its well-tended paths, you might spot Jenny and Bill sitting on a bench, acting like young lovers, and never suspect that they are married (but to other people). And at the pool Max Bernstein, with an expertise that comes from five decades of skirt chasing, is singling out attractive widows.

The real sine qua non at Sunset Village, however, is the love of family and friends. Widowed Molly Berkowitz learns that although her son and daughter may be failures in the eyes of the world, they are well worth bragging about; and Isaac Kramer begins to feel truly at home when the gray-haired boys at the laundromat start calling him "Itch," his boyhood nickname. Other stories, too, will warm the heart and make you laugh until you hurt.
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