The Casanova Embrace

Eduardo Allesandro Palmero is dead-killed by an exploding bomb
Three women loved Eduardo, the prominent exile from the deposed Allende government: the ambassador's wife, the millionaire widow, and the aging revolutionary. Through the power of his sexuality, the South American diplomat recruits these three Washington women to engage in international terrorism. Unaware of the consequences and greedy for the man's erotic favor, they willingly and eagerly allow themselves to be manipulated. Unknown to each other, the women unwittingly enter into the man's bizarre, devious, and destructive plot. When they discover how they have been duped by their need for erotic fulfillment, they become enraged. Overcoming their jealousy toward each other, they band together to destroy their ruthless lover.
As the FBI and CIA wrangle among themselves, Alfred Dobbs, a reflective CIA maverick, digs into Eduardo's past and finds himself envying this debonair charmer.
Revulsion against wealth has converted Eduardo to the side of revolution. The distinguished, conservative Palmero family is a study in decadence: from the cold vindictiveness of the mother to the lecherous passion of a father who still believes in noblesse oblige. As Eduardo's past unravels, Dobbs begins to question the reasons for his death. He believes that the answer lies not with the slippery Chilean ambassador but with the women of Eduardo.
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