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How a past evil haunts the present. The firebombing of a black church and former synagogue in Brooklyn sets off a chain reaction of international intrigue and bloody violence. The fire bombers are young men of Arab extraction who mistakenly believe that this church-whose stain glass windows illustrate the Star of David-is still a synagogue. In the wake of the bombing, a prominent " white shoe" Wall Street firm sends its young, token Jewish lawyer to help the church pro bono in their insurance claim. However, this charity case takes a sharp turn when the church pastor finds three huge trunks filled with gold and precious jewels worth multimillions in the damaged basement. The bizarre journey of this treasure-where it has come from and how it got in the basement of a black church-produces a ripple effect that draws in people from all walks of life and faith with claims of ownership to its riches. A suspenseful story of terror and greed, Residue illustrates how the long tail of the past can reach into the present with life altering results.
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