Private Sessions Tape 1 ~~ Wahida Clark

Private Sessions Tape 1 by Wahida Clark

Thug Shorts (to be read in this order) 
The Letter by Trae Macklin 
The Response by Tasha Macklin 
Shit Just Got Real by Tasha Macklin 
Fifty Shades of Trae by Charli Li 
It’s That Serious by Tasha Macklin 
Private Sessions Tape One by Kyron Santos 
Kyron Santos, Kaylin’s older brother, was used by Tasha Macklin to get back at Trae for his infidelities, a relationship that ultimately ended in pregnancy, murder, broken relationships, and mistrust. No one knew about the court-ordered sessions that Kyron was forced to attend. At least not until Mari, his woman who stuck by him throughout the majority of his prison bid, dropped the recordings off to Trae Macklin, Tasha’s husband. 
Mari never got closure over Kyron’s death. She couldn’t understand why Kaylin wasn’t more distraught than he was over his brother’s death. Her anger built over Tasha using Kyron, and now, seeing Tasha was happily reunited with her husband, it was about to explode. She had it all. But that was soon to come to an end. Her happily-ever-after would be short-lived. Mari had in her possession transcripts of taped sessions of Kyron and the psychologist, unbeknownst to Kyron, which would shed light on Tasha’s relationship with Kyron—and with an anaconda smile, she places those transcripts directly in Trae’s hands for his consumption. Mari has a few dirty tricks up her sleeve. Nothing’s off-limits. What other nasty surprises is she planning?
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