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    April 2002
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    October 2019
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  • In her dreams, Phoebe twirls through rows of sea island cotton as a white dress blows around her knees like a breeze. As she dances, she loses all memory of being born a slave on an Alabama plantation. She lifts up her feet and flies high above t...

  • I am prey, caught in a spider's web. Every time the spider creeps, he makes me whirl around and around. My life is spinning without me. I cling to the web with my hands and feet.

    I look for a place to leap.

    Nana's future is certai...

  • An American Library Association Best Book for Young Adults

    Winner of a Parent's Choice Gold Award

    Abram knows only slavery, but from the moment he holds his baby cousin in his arms, he is determined to protect her from the harsh r...

  • Born only a week after the tragic death of her father, Frances Chopp grows up believing that she was sent to earth as her father's messenger to pull her mother out of her grief. And in the years that follow, Frances tries to make sense of the har...

  • As members of Ms. Hill's class, the fifth-graders of PS1 are challenged to talk, learn, and write about one another in ways that teach these city kids a great deal about each other, themselves, and their complicated young lives....

  • Writing makes you drift and dream and say things you don't even plan on. --Destiny, 5E The Fifth graders of PS 1 are packed like jelly beans into their classrooms. But when Ms. Hill shakes things up in a new class, the diverse group of inner-city...

  • Narrated by a fat half-Persian, half-alley cat called Amos, this very funny chapter book will delight young readers. When an injured baby squirrel moves into Amos's already crowded household, everything turns topsy-turvy....

  • An inspiring tale of fugitive slave who finds freedom in Canada, but still struggles to find a real home. Eleven-year-old Solomon is a fugitive slave on a dangerous journey north to Canada, and to freedom. His young life has seen many losses: his mot...

  • Imprisoned for crimes she didn't commit, sixteen-year-old Orpha accepts an unusual invitation to live in a Victorian home for fallen women-- and finds new hope.

    Though haunted by nightmarish flashbacks and withering in the miserable conditions...

Award-Winning Books by Virginia Frances Schwartz

If I Just Had Two Wings
2003 Manitoba Young Readers Choice Award -- Young Readers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Virginia Frances Schwartz has published 9 books.

Virginia Frances Schwartz does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Among the Fallen, was published in October 2019.

The first book by Virginia Frances Schwartz, If I Just Had Two Wings, was published in April 2002.

No. Virginia Frances Schwartz does not write books in series.