What's A Ghoul to Do? ~~ Victoria Laurie

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What's A Ghoul to Do? by Victoria Laurie
M. J. Holliday's a medium with a message -- her business is helping lost souls cross over to the other side. But what if the ghosts want to stay put?

M. J. Holliday has two rules. One, she and her partner, Gilley Gillespie, work alone; and two, she doesn't date clients. But when handsome Dr. Steven Sable needs her help, the specter-spotting sleuth is ready to break both of her rules.

It seems the hot does grandfather jumped from the roof of the family lodge in an apparent suicide. But Dr. Sable knows in his bones it was foul play, and strange things keep happening at the lodge. He'll hire M. J. and Gilley -- but only if he can come along. Hey, the duo needs the money -- and looking at eye candy all weekend doesn't sound too bad, either....

But once they reach the lodge, the three realize they're dealing with more ghosts than just Grandpa Sable's. And the spooks keep playing nasty tricks on their human visitors.To the untrained eye, it would appear that ghouls just want to have fun. But M. J. knows they're communicating their distress -- and it's up to her to figure out why....
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