Kill Zone



  • Contemporary


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Psychologist Morgan Cabot commands a special military support team that provides a unique service. While they are highly trained for military combat, their special abilities don't require training -- they are gifts. Dr. Cabot and her teammates, Taylor Lee and Janie Craig, are "highly intuitive": they hear, feel, and see things that others can't. They are the Special Abilities Team, and they function outside of normal protocol -- and the American public can never know of their existence.

The Secretary of Defense of the United States has called upon Cabot's team to stop Thomas Kunz, a sadistic terrorist who specializes in black market arms sales and intelligence brokering.

Kunz's brand of terrorism threatens the United States on multiple levels--his funding is infinite and his reach is global. His modus operandi, using doubles to infiltrate and gather classified information, puts him in a unique position to make the fears of every American citizen a reality.

Colonel Jackson Stern and his brother, Bruce, a biological warfare expert, have become Kunz's latest targets. When Bruce's wife is found stabbed to death, Jackson dedicates himself to a quest for the truth.

Will Morgan's team help Jackson uncover Kunz's secret plans before it is too late? Or will the most secretive terrorist organization in the world transform America into a terrifying and deadly Kill Zone?
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