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    14 Books (3 Series)
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    November 2020
  • Latest Book:
    April 2024
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Full Series List in Order

Arte de la Guerra

1 - War, Unfinished (Apr-2022)
2 - War, Unjust (Dec-2022)
3 - War, Profane (Dec-2023)

Morally Questionable

0.5 - My Name Is Pink (Jan-2021)
1 - Morally Corrupt (Nov-2020)
2 - Morally Blasphemous (Jan-2021)
3 - Morally Decadent (Mar-2021)
4 - Morally Ambiguous (Jul-2021)

War of Sins

1 - The Taste of Revenge (May-2023)
2 - The Foiled Plan (Jun-2023)

Book List in Order: 14 titles

  • Bianca Ashby, a certified sociopath with an obsession for her husband, tries to juggle two lives - the demure NYPD Chief Commissioner wife, and the perfect Bratva assassin; all the while keeping her husband safe and blissfully unaware.But when high-l...

  • Marcello Lastra has always wanted one thing-to be left in peace. When his estranged brother commits suicide, it's up to him to take up the leadership mantle within the famiglia. Thrust into a mob war he wanted no part of, he must secure allies and ou...

  • A Resolute Playboy Groomed from a young age to become the leader of a mafia empire, Enzo Agosti's life has been nothing but a series of luxurious one-stops around the globe in search of hedonistic gratification. Cold and domineering, his dazzling loo...

  • She just wants to be loved… by the one man who is not capable of feeling it.A CUTE PSYCHOCharming and unpredictable, Vlad Kuznetsov is known as the joker of the underground world. Known to many yet known by none, he is a true social chameleon....

  • My bodyguard. My enemy.When my father hires Sebastian Bailey to protect me, I vow to make him quit within a week.He's rude, overbearing, bossy and oh, too attractive for his own good.Our hate is as explosive as our chemistry.But my plans backfire.Soo...

  • New York City. Vicious Battlefield. Home.With a million dollar bounty on my head, it took me years to step foot in the city again. Now I'm back. And the order of business is rather simple.1. Destroy my reprobate brother.2. Take back my stolen legacy....

  • A reckless princess. A mysterious demon. An unlikely master-slave bond.Kissa Andreos had two goals.Become the best mage Krateos had ever seen.Capture the affection of her brooding demon slave, Caean.Too bad that she wasn't strong enough for the forme...

  • What could possibly go wrong in a town that rhymes with fairytale?August 1955,When Miss Darcy O'Sullivan, an orphaned English teacher from Boston, receives a letter that her biological father passed away, she is surprised to find herself included in ...

  • You should have never been born. Getting told that daily has a way of messing with one's head.But I didn't let it.I had my siblings. I had a secret best friend who understood me.I had hope.Until I didn't.One by one they all left. Abandoned me. Betray...

  • She's his worst enemy...and his greatest weaknessHardened by his past, Rafaelo Guerra has only one objective-revenge against the brother who stole everything from him. And to put his plans in motion, he needs to partner up with a dangerous crime lord...

  • She was his ruin...but also his salvation. Finding out about Noelle's past changes everything for Rafaelo, and he deeply regrets his past behavior.Theirs is a marriage of convenience, but as his desire for her reaches new heights, he finds himself wa...

  • He's a neurotic serial killer. She's the woman he cannot kill. Marlowe Spencer-Astor is in a slump. He hasn't killed a single soul in one hundred seventy four days. Not even therapy could solve his murderous problem, though he promised his mother he'...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Veronica Lancet has published 14 books.

Veronica Lancet does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Mayhem and Minnie, was published in April 2024.

The first book by Veronica Lancet, Morally Corrupt, was published in November 2020.

Yes. Veronica Lancet has 3 series.