Single Girls



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Note: As with all Veronica Blade book, this is a romance and everything else is secondary. Appx 100 printed pages. Single Girls includes three micro romances -- Single-handed, Singled Out & Single-minded Single-handed Alex single-handedly takes down a bully. A safer school has its perks, but what else did the years of martial arts training get her? Not a prom date, that’s for sure. With only a few weeks left before the big day, can she stop the tough act long enough for the boy of her dreams to see she’s still just a girl? Singled Out Brittany’s short-lived fling with the insanely hot Wyatt left her seething, despite still liking him. Since he barely glances her way anymore, going to prom alone seems far better than going with some loser. But Brittany's well-intentioned friends haven’t given up on Wyatt, and they’re intensifying their matchmaking tactics! Single-minded For years, Laynie's been trying to kill her crush on her brother's best friend, Josh — who treats her like a little sister. Things take a turn to the delicious side when Josh gets her in a lip-lock. Now she can't think about going to prom with anyone else. But hoping for love from the king of fast-and-loose hookups will only lead to heartbreak. Or will it?
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