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    The journey begins anew. The apocalypse has come and gone. The landscape is blasted, and civilization has been torn asunder. The world has turned to pit fights and blood contests where quick wits and a good grip on a blade may keep a man alive for...

    • / Heroic Fantasy / Sword & Sorcery
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    War in Jamuraa! The Keldons have landed in the north. The Jamuraau League of City-States has put together a ragtag defense and enlisted the help of the planeswalker, Teferi. But even a planeswalker cannot by himself hold back the might of Keld....

Multi-Author Series List

Magic: The Gathering

Prophecy (Jun-2000)
Odyssey (Sep-2001)

Masquerade Cycle

2) Prophecy (Jun-2000)

Odyssey Cycle

1) Odyssey (Sep-2001)