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    15 Books (3 Series)
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    August 1977
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    September 1989
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About the Author

Jeanne Hines was born on 1922 in West Virginia by landed gentry. She says "My family thought I'd be just like everybody else, get married and stop. I'm a real character. I'm not really like anybody I know."

Jeanne worked as a reporter and fashion magazine illustrator before turning to became a novelist. Published since 1973, she signed gothic novels as her real name and romance novels as Valerie Sherwood and Rosamond Royal. She won the Romantic Times 1987-1988 Career Achievement Award in the category of "historical adventure". When Chris Marie Green (aka Crystal Green), was nineteen years old, she wrote a fan letter to Jeanne, and the popular writer answered her gushing missive and inspired Chris to write her first romance. She wrote while she traveled with her husband between their five mansions distributed on the East Coast, but spent most of their time in a fusty Charlotte, North Carolina, ranch-style house.

Full Series List in Order

The Angel's Lovers

1 - This Towering Passion (Nov-1978)
2 - Her Shining Splendor (Aug-1980)


1 - Bold Breathless Love ()
2 - Rash Reckless Love (Jun-1982)
3 - Wild Willful Love (Nov-1982)
4 - Rich Radiant Love (Jun-1983)


1 - Lovesong (Mar-1986)
2 - Windsong (Mar-1986)
3 - Nightsong (Sep-1986)

Book List in Order: 15 titles

  • Perhaps She Was Too Beautiful Perhaps the brawling colonies would have been safer for a plainer girl, one more demure and less accomplished in language and manner. But Charity Woodstock was gloriously beautiful with pale gold hair and topaz eyes -...

  • They called her THAT BARRINGTON WOMAN She was beautiful--and notorious. But beneath the silks and the diamonds, within the supple body so many men had embraced, was the heart of a girl who yearned still for love. At fifteen she had learned her bea...

  • They called her "Angel" when she rode bareback into the midst of battle to find her lover. They called her "Mistress Daunt" when she lived with Geoffrey in Oxford, though she wore no ring on her finger. Wherever she traveled men...

  • The adventures of the exquisite Lenore and her beauteous daughter Lorena each setting out upon her own odyssey of love. LENORE The flame haired, violet eyed beauty who flouted a kings favor for a man who broke her heart, flies across Northumberla...

  • Georgianna was the daughter of Imogene, the only woman whose beauty could rival her own, the woman who dared to love the fearless pirate renowned as "the best blade in the Caribbean." She was Fate's plaything, scorned when people thought her only a b...

  • She was once The Buccaneer's Lady but when beautiful, willful Imogene was tricked aboard a ship bound for England, she vowed to forget Captain Van Ryker, the man who had filled her life and heart - only to banish her so cruelly. Then a shipwr...

  • SHE WAS HIS GOLDEN BRIDE With her hair the color of pirate's treasure, Anna Smith was a beauty beyond price, though all she brought as dowry to Brett Danforth was a pair of silver candlesticks "stolen" from the Bermuda estate that should have been...

  • The Lightskirt's Daughter -- Pamela, golden, aristocratic, reckless. She threw away her reputation to save a man's life and almost changed the course of history! The Rebellious Beauty--Constance, born to dramatic events, her dark loveliness turned...

  • She was the Beauty--reckless Dorinda Meredith, heiress to the wind! He was the Blade--dark, debonair, most dangerous of highwaymen to rove the colonial highroads. A world of intrigue and danger stood between them, but they were star-crossed lov...

  • A SWEET WILD MADNESS SWEPT OVER CAROLINA LIGHTFOOT at the sight of elegant Lord Thomas Angevine, reputed to be the most notorious rake in London. The proud Colonial beauty, graced with silvergold hair and flashing eyes, hoped to be his bride. Then, ...

  • ADRIFT UPON THE SURGING TIDES OF LOVE... the incandescent beauty Carolina and her dashing buccaneer, Kells, sail from his Caribbean stronghold to her native Virginia...there to await his royal pardon and their glorious wedding. But when an impost...

  • FAR FROM THE SENSUOUS SHORES OF LOVE'S EMBRACE . . . the gallant buccaneer Kells sailed away again to win his fortunes. Yet no intrigue of the seas could ever fade the image of his Colonial belle, the glorious Carolina. Then nature's rage destroyed ...

  • Lovely Lorraine London had a sensuous charm that seemed to ignite the passions of every scoundrel in New England. Born in revolutionary America, she was sold into indentured servitude until she caught the roving eye of Raile Cameron, a renegade gunru...

  • Beautiful young Charlotte Gayle hoped to be saved from a forced marriage by Tom Westing. In the strong arms and under the fiery kisses of this handsome seafaring adventurer. Charlotte had learned the power and passionate beauty of love. But elegant, ...

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    He called her his Golden Bird of Love and he had wanted her from the day he'd first seen her on the balcony next to his in Amsterdam. Clad only in her nightdress, her golden hair catching the rays of the sun at dawn, her voice softly raised in song. ...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Valerie Sherwood has published 15 books.

Valerie Sherwood does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Lisbon, was published in September 1989.

The first book by Valerie Sherwood, This Loving Torment, was published in August 1977.

Yes. Valerie Sherwood has 3 series.