• European Renaissance

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"Now you belong to me...only me!"

Her husband spoke softly, menacingly, and Francesca quivered beneath his touch. She had been forced to marry Raoul, a man who represented everything she despised. But, unable to ignore her growing attraction for him, she soon found herself torn between a husband she loved passionately and a brother to whom she owed allegiance.

Her new home - the decadent court of the ruthless Borgias - appalled her. She clung to her husband's professed love. With him she would be safe...

How was Francesca to know she would be brutally betrayed!

Mills & Boon Historical

To save her brother from certain death, Francesca is forced into marriage with Raoul de Sebastini, a handsome young mercenary. Too late she discovers he is a half-brother of the notorious Cesare Borgia. Renowned through medieval Europe, the ruthless Borgias are universally feared. Surrounded by their treachery, will Francesca's marriage saving from becoming another of their hapless victims to die by poisoning? One by one, her relatives mysteriously disappear until she is forced to turn for help to the man she trusts least but who attracts her irresistibly ... her husband.
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