White Tiger's Fancy



  • 19th Century
  • 1880's-1890's


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She Craved Adventure...
The eldest of her mother's three remaining unmarried daughters, Pauline Carrington is dismayed to find herself the object of endless matchmaking schemes. A natural athlete with a zest for anything new or exciting, marriage is the last thing she wants--she craves adventure, and she's sure to find it while visiting her sister Lily in exotic India. Sure enough, she discovers handsome and daring Nathaniel Savidge is planning a dangerous tiger hunt--but refuses to consider taking her with him...

...But Discovered Passion
Nate is too serious about the coming hunt to let a pretty, pampered heiress distract him. But when Pauline disguises herself as a Punjabi to join the retinue, he decides to teach her a lesson she won't soon forget--and give her a taste of just what life in the wild in all about. Pretending that he hasn't seen through her disguise will be troublesome, though, especially when he realizes that the savvy young adventuress has captured his heart and soul...
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