Is That A Sick Cat In Your Backpack?



  • Contemporary


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Are you choking on a hair ball, or is that a sick cat in your backpack?

There's something strange about Leyton and Wade Tardy's pet cat. Skinny Cat is the scrawniest, scraggliest, laziest cat ever, but he has one very big, very disgusting talent -- he can cough up hair balls like a champ! But will that be enough for him to win the school's Catalent Contest? Not if Fibby Mandible, the school's bossiest, snobbiest girl, and Barton Slugg, the Worst Archenemy Ever, have anything to say about it! But the Tardy Boys never give up, and when the Catalent Contest turns into a battle to save the entire world, it's up to them to come to the rescue.

Another incredibly hilarious and smelly Tardy Boys tale that will keep you laughing through at least nine lives. But remember to keep your air freshener handy!
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