Turbulence and Restoration ~~ Timothy H. Cook

Turbulence and Restoration by Timothy H. Cook
It wasn't until an independent reader of this book told me, "Stanley, you're like a real life Forrest Gump-except without the mental impairment " that I decided to title my book, Twixt 6 & 90: Planes, Dames, and Brushes with Fame. It's true that I've enjoyed a number of encounters with people who left indelible marks on history, such as Admiral "Bull" Halsey, George H. W. Bush, and Sam Walton, to name a few. However, I do not consider my life full because of my happenstance brushes with famous or even infamous people; rather, my life has been truly blessed by wonderful people of whom the world has never heard. This is the story of a country boy from a small town in rural Ohio who looked up at an airplane at the age of 6 and just knew he was born to fly. This book chronicles a 90-year journey from the Ohio farmlands to the ends of the earth. It spans the Great Depression, World War II, the Cold War, and the explosion of air travel that followed. It's a story of the hero in Everyman. Full Synopsis
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