Echoes of the Light ~~ Tim Green

The Archangels Michael and Gabriel tell
the redemptive story of the Lord Jesus
Christ from an angelic perspective through
angelic eyes. Interpreting the way that they
saw things unfold from heaven above.
They will take you on a journey, since the
dawn of time until the birth of the Church
by the early Apostles.

See the rebellion and fall of a fellow
Archangel. See the magnificent creation of
the first man, Adam. Take an out of this
world journey and see the extreme efforts
by God to restore mankind after their fall
from grace, all through the eyes of the

Allow the angels to unfold the stories of
Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses,
David and the profound Prophets from
their perspective and their point of view.

Allow them to reveal the mystical birth, the
beyond ordinary life, the brutal death and
the powerful resurrection of our God and
Savior, Jesus Christ.
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