Kiss Daddy Goodbye



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Emily and Ted Allbright and their two children live in the suburbs of New York City. Because Ted's job with a chain of resort hotels frequently keeps him away from home, Emily decides to initiate a baby-sitting co-op that will give her time to pursue a writing career.

In no time at all, four women answer her ad: Adrienne, is an ex-cover girl who balances both marriage and a career with ease; Carole, a divorcee, has a young child and a new job; Susan, the wife of an English professor, is the mother of two; and Marylou, is a young mother involved in a painful divorce. All of them seem to have kids in common -- and they share a common need. But three of them are liars, and one is a dangerous psychopath who wants Emily's children.

Soon someone stalks the children as they play in the woods. Emily finds a threatening letter in her car…and strange phone calls come in the dead of night. Then, one rainy evening, while Emily is at her poetry class, her darkest fears come true…
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