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    May 1991
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    August 1994
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Multi-Author Series List

Bad Boys

Bad Company (Nov-1992)

Book List in Order: 7 titles

  • First Matt Martinelli stole her parking space. Then he tried to charm her into going out with him. But Susan Wright was determined to resist Matt's knock-'em dead grin and his gypsy eyes! He decided that this slightly frazzled mom was all wor...

  • The Doctor of Love... Dr. Drew Daniels had teased and tormented his new housemate until Caitlin MacKenzie just had to retaliate with a cream pie in his face! Enchanted to discover that serious Dr. MacKenzie had a sense of humor to match her lovely...

  • LOGAN -- His Kisses Made Her Tremble and Burn White-Hot.... As a golden-haired boy, he 'd rescued a lonely princess from unseen terrors, but the dizzying desire he 'd awakened in her had turned to bitter hurt when he'd betrayed the fragi...

  • JAKE -- A Magnificent Dark Angel Ready to Fulfill All Her Fantasies... He spotted her standing across the casino, a temptress in a dress that said come and get me, and Jake Madison felt a primitive recognition that he must possess her! Nila Sheph...

  • JOHNNY -- A Sweet, Sexy Sheriff Whose Smile Could Melt Steel... When Johnny Hart heard that Bailey Asher was coming home, he remembered kissing her breathless the summer she was seventeen -- and wondered if she'd still feel so good in his arm...

  • GABRIEL -- His Eyes Made Sizzling Promises His Lips Vowed to Keep... Drawn to the old house by an intriguing letter and a shocking vivid dream, Dr. Gabriel Richards came in search of a tormented ghost -- but instead found a sassy blonde with dr...

  • He made her believe she was beautiful -- and she was.... Jenny Johnson wasn't looking for a new husband, no matter how many hunks her sister sent her way, but Carter Dalton's cobalt-blue eyes mesmerized her into letting his daughter join h...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Theresa Gladden has published 7 books.

Theresa Gladden does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Perfect Timing, was published in August 1994.

The first book by Theresa Gladden, Romancing Susan, was published in May 1991.

No. Theresa Gladden does not write books in series.