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    20 Books (2 Series)
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    January 1991
  • Latest Book:
    January 2007
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Full Series List in Order

The Petsitters Club

1 - Jilly the Kid (Mar-1998)
2 - The Cat Burglar (1997)
3 - Donkey Rescue (1997)
4 - Snake Alarm! (Mar-1998)
5 - Scruncher Goes Wandering (Mar-1998)
6 - Trixie and the Cyber Pet (Mar-1998)
7 - Oscar the Fancy Rat (Feb-1999)
8 - Where's Iggy? (Oct-1998)
9 - Pony Trouble (May-1999)
10 - The Rude Parrot (Sep-1999)

The Petsitters Club Special Edition

1 - The Christmas Kitten ()
2 - Monkey Puzzle ()

Book List in Order: 20 titles

  • Dom does not like his new school. His classroom is old, draughty and dark, and people say it is haunted by a green hand. Dom wants to know what the green hand is, and why it keeps writing rude things on the blackboard....

  • Kezzie is not looking forward to spending a week in a cottage miles from anywhere with her foster brother James. Then she sees the ghost and realises that something terrible happened at the cottage years ago. Unless she and James can find out the tru...

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    Sam, Jo, Matthew, and Katie have a very important petsitting job. They must protect Sophia, a beautiful, valuable, pedigreed cat, from a mysterious cat burglar. But just who is the cat burglar? Who really owns Sophia? The kids begin to wonder what's ...

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    The Petsitters are taking care of Buster, the mad, chew-everything dog! But their minds are often elsewhere, thinking about Dillon, a sad, neglected little donkey last seen standing all alone in a field. When they find out that he's is going to be so...

  • Sam, Jo, Matthew, and Katie are about to start their first job. Mrs. Jones has asked them to look after a kid called Jilly. A kid? Is Mrs. Jones confused? The club's name is Petsitters - not babysitters! But Jilly isn't the kind of kid the Petsitters...

  • When Aunt Cynthia reports that she's seen a snake in the house, everyone thinks she's having hallucinations. Then Ginger, the snake's owner, shows up at Sam's front door and wants to take the pet snake home again! ....

  • Sam, Jo, Matthew, and Katie are four animal-loving kids who start up their own neighborhood service--the Petsitters Club--as a school-related community service. In this volume, the aristocratic and bossy Mrs. Potter-Bunn is off to Paris, so she leave...

  • Matthew--who has never ridden a pony--is in for a big surprise when the Petsitters are hired to exercise Gazza, a very lively pony, and Matthew figures it must be just like riding a bicycle. Original....

  • Join The Petsitters Club for ANIMAL ADVENTURE! Sam, Jo, Matthew, and Katie have an unwelcome feathered guest. Alfie the African Grey is friendly enough, until he opens his beak. Then he's the rudest parrot around! "Big bottom!" If the Petsitter...

  • Have you ever longed for a puppy of your very own? A puppy to care for, take for walks and have adventures with. A puppy to be your best friend in all the world! William wants one more than anything. He's been promised a very special surprise. But ...

  • Basil should be happy. He is the "handsomest" little monster in his school, and he is going to Summer Camp with all of his monster friends. But he has a terrible secret. Can his friend Denzil help him solve his problem?...

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Tessa Krailing has published 20 books.

Tessa Krailing does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Disgusting Denzil, was published in January 2007.

The first book by Tessa Krailing, The Nightmare Man, was published in January 1991.

Yes. Tessa Krailing has 2 series.